aesara.tensor.fft.rfft(inp, norm=None)[source]#

Performs the fast Fourier transform of a real-valued input.

The input must be a real-valued variable of dimensions (m, …, n). It performs FFTs of size (…, n) on m batches.

The output is a tensor of dimensions (m, …, n//2+1, 2). The second to last dimension of the output contains the n//2+1 non-trivial elements of the real-valued FFTs. The real and imaginary parts are stored as a pair of float arrays.

  • inp – Array of floats of size (m, …, n), containing m inputs of size (…, n).

  • norm ({None, 'ortho', 'no_norm'}) – Normalization of transform. Following numpy, default None normalizes only the inverse transform by n, ‘ortho’ yields the unitary transform (1/\sqrt n forward and inverse). In addition, ‘no_norm’ leaves the transform unnormalized.