Installing Aesara

Installing Aesara#

In order to guarantee a complete installation including the necessary libraries, it is recommended to install Aesara via conda-forge into a clean environment. This can be done using either Mamba or Conda:

mamba create --name=aesara-env --channel=conda-forge aesara
conda activate aesara-env
conda create --name=aesara-env --channel=conda-forge aesara
conda activate aesara-env

Alternatively, Aesara can be installed directly from PyPI using pip:

pip install aesara

The current development branch of Aesara can be installed from PyPI or GitHub using pip:

pip install aesara-nightly
pip install git+


To use the Numba or JAX backend you will need to install the corresponding library in addition to Aesara. Please refer to Numba’s installation instructions and JAX’s installation instructions respectively.